45 years in foreign markets

Polish Defence Holding (Polski Holding Obronny, former Bumar) is a leading supplier and exporter of armaments and military equipment manufactured in the Polish defence industry. Formed in 1971, Polish Defence Holding is one of the largest state-owned exporters of military equipment and weapons in Poland.

Polish Defence Holding (former Bumar) is one of the biggest Polish suppliers of armament and military equipment. The Polish Ministry of Defence is the most important customer of our solutions.

Polish Defence Holding (f. Bumar) has been trading in foreign markets for 45 years now. Polish Defence Holding supplied and has been selling military equipment and services in over 40 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the U.S., winning many international bids. An export activity of Polish Defence Holding covers markets in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam,  Bulgaria, Middle East and North-African countries.

The company has completed the largest export contracts, including delivery of PT-91 tanks to Malaysia, air-defence systems to Indonesia, Georgia, delivery of armoured recovery vehicles to India, a sail ship for military training to Vietnam, small-calibre ammunition to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, equipment of civilian factories, supply of ammunition, spare parts as well as modernization packages. The products with the logos of Polish Defence Holding or Bumar Group are present in the armed forces of Asian or Arab countries.

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland are one of the most intensively modernized armies in Europe. Professionalism, experience and quality of the offered services and products enabled Polish Defence Holding to meet requirements of the complicated orders for defence equipment. Polish Defence Holding was one of the chief partners of the Polish armed forces modernization process, supplying the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Poland with nearly half of the arms locally produced.

Moreover Polish Defence Holding was a leader of the most important industrial consortiums which were qualified for the realization of the modernization programs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland: construction of an universal tracked platform designed for fire support, and construction of the light strike vehicle and air defence systems.

Polish Defence Holding is ready and experienced in running complete modernization and overhaul for used armament by both, domestic and foreign clients.

Polish Defence Holding offers complex defence solutions in range of professional optoelectronics, air defence and anti-missile systems, modern armor equipment, armored fighting vehicle (tanks, special vehicles, armored recovery vehicles), light strike vehicles and light tactical multipurpose armoured vehicles, ammunition (the ammunition and missiles), electronic and radiolocation systems (command systems, radars, sensors, anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems), sights and optoelectronic systems, small arms and individual equipment for soldiers (protective vests, side arms, helmets, gas masks).

We are an experienced and reliable business partner.

We invite you to contact us either by email: trade@pho.pl or via telephone: +48 22 311 26 88. 

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Polski Holding Obronny sp. z o.o. is one of the largest shareholders of the national group – Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa SA. gathering over 60 companies and employing circa 17 thousand employees.

NATO Commercial and Government Entity Code NCAGE: 0250H

Entety Code NATO_2018


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